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Got Your 6 is pleased to announce we are co-hosting a class with HXC Comms (@hxc_comms on IG) AKA Mike and Mikey from Boise, ID. They have a world of knowledge on decentralized communications and how civilians can utilize it in both urban and rural environments- and we are extremely excited for the opportunity to bring their knowledge to Northern Nevada.


Where: Reno, NV

Date and Time: Classroom-Friday, August 12th 2022 from 5pm-8pm 

Field Training:- Saturday, August 13th 2022 from 9am-4pm

Instructors: Mike and Mikey of HXC Comms (FCC Station ID # available upon request)


What this class will be is a intro to comms class that leads right into a day of field exercises and concepts of decentralized communications.


This class will cover:

- Radios

- Meshtastic and different uses

- Signal Propogation

- Antenna Systems

- Best Practices of Signals Intelligence

- How to use Directional Antennas

- Mesh Networks

- Communications PACE Plans 



- Your signed waivers

- Note-taking supplies (notebook, pen, laptop etc)

- Your radio if you have one (not required, all comms equipment will be provided for use during class)

- Hydration. We will be in the middle of the Nevada desert in the middle of August on Saturday. We will take plenty of short hydration breaks as needed, but please be prepared.

- Hiking attire and footwear. We will be in the sun all day and you will be walking on uneven desert terrain. Please wear supportive footwear suitable for hiking, as well as clothing appropriate for summer day in the desert. Bring a rain jacket as well, even though you probably wont use it. Nevada weather while usually hot- is unpredictable.


We hope for everyone leaves this class with a better understanding of Radio and Mesh Networks and how to deploy and utilize them among your own local community with like minded people. We will be covering decentralized communications networks, and the use and proper deployment of directional antennas, signals intelligence, and communicating AS A GROUP.


This is not just a classroom theory class but also a full hands on day filled with field exercises that execute real world application of what we learned in the class room. 


Friday evening will be a 3 hour class session followed by Field Exercises on Saturday.


This is not a run-of-the-mill "How to get a ham license class". This is a real world class for concerned civilians with a primary focus on emergency and tactical applications. Don't let comms be your short coming when it comes to your own preparedness.



Decentralized Communications For Civilians